Command-line interfaceΒΆ

When you install this package you will get a command called apexpy, which is an interface to the convert() method. See the documentation for this method for a more thorough explanation of arguments and behaviour.

You can get help on the command by running apexpy -h.

$ apexpy -h
usage: apexpy [-h] [--height HEIGHT] [--refh REFH] [-i FILE_IN] [-o FILE_OUT]
              SOURCE DEST DATE

Converts between geodetic, modified apex, quasi-dipole and MLT

positional arguments:
  SOURCE                Convert from {geo, apex, qd, mlt}
  DEST                  Convert to {geo, apex, qd, mlt}
  DATE                  YYYY[MM[DD[HHMMSS]]] date/time for IGRF coefficients,
                        time part required for MLT calculations

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --height HEIGHT       height for conversion
  --refh REFH           reference height for modified apex coordinates
  -i FILE_IN, --input FILE_IN
                        input file (stdin if none specified)
  -o FILE_OUT, --output FILE_OUT
                        output file (stdout if none specified)